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Rock Band MOGGs Multitrack Ogg

Rock Band MOGGs Multitrack Ogg

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Titel: Rock Band MOGGs Multitrack Ogg

Year: 2009
Developer: _http :/ / www.rockband.com/
Compatibility with Vista: complete
System requirements: the presence in the Ogg Vorbis codec and multitrack audiosekvensora that supports importing files. Ogg
License: Freeware
Description: Rip audio tracks for the game Rock Band
when imported into multitrack decomposed into different Number of tracks (from 6 to 16, depending on the track)
peresvesti full track data will hardly be successful since they have already been processed, assembled, etc. .. but that's "minus" decent for learning your favorite songs and riffs - it's possible to build ...
Extras. Information: when importing a track in Cubase / Nuendo, it is necessary:
1 to begin to change the file extension from. Mogg on. Ogg
Import the file into two (empty, pre-generated, with the desired bit rate) project
3 import put daw Split channels
4, with a subsequent question, "how to insert into the project?" - Press Different Tracks
Format: ogg (multichannel)
Qualitative characteristics: 16bit / 32 - 41.1kHz
List of files in the distribution:

Hoster: Uploaded.to | Share-online.biz
Größe: 6872,24 MB | Parts: 14 Dateien | Recovery: 3%

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